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Who’s Up Next?…..XV

July 28, 2009

xvSeeing how I am confessing to not knowing who some of these new artist are, let me continue with the trend….Hailing from Wichita Kansas XV is another producer/rapper to hit the scene.  Obsessed with comic books, action figures, web surfing, and roleplaying video games, “XV” (born Donavan Johnson) would classify as a “nerd”. But his love for fashion, colorful sneakers, and porn disqualify him of being such a stereotype. So, the 23-year old lyricist finds himself playing the same role he played in middle school and high school, in the music industry. The nobody begging to become a somebody.Without any industry backing or management, XV garnered attention from the masses after releasing an array of mixtape series’ such as, “Royalty City”, “The Definition”, and “The Complex Experiment”, all having 3 or more volumes. The Kansas-born MC began receiving the support from other up and coming artists such as The Game, Paul Wall, Maino, Sheek Louch and DJ’s such as Whoo Kid and On Point, who hosted a volume of Royalty City. XV started to create a major buzz for himself and his record label, Royalty City, and began recording his debut, “Complex”. 

Now, ready to capitalize on his growing buzz, XV is ready to share his story to the world through his new album titled, “The Kid With The Green Backpack”. A concept album inspired by XV’s life in middle school when he was widely known as “the kid with the green backpack” rather than his actual name. He parallels his life of being a nobody in high school to being a nobody in the music industry, as he sees the two worlds being very similar to each other.  His latest project “Everybody’s Nobody” drops July 31st…….

“In Due Time”

“The Square In The Circle”

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